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In celebration of the end of four years of hell. Donald and Melania Trump by Daisy Rockwell (shreedaisy)

Today I read that Trump told his supporters to pipe down when they booed him on national television. He advocated that everyone should get the booster shot. Huh. 

No one is all bad. As much as I couldn’t bear to listen to Trump, he did a few things during his presidency that were positive from my perspective. It was often due to his incompetence that he did the right thing, despite trying to do the wrong thing, but he gets credit. Like the kid who randomly guesses on the SAT and still gets a high score, he’s entitled to it all the same.

He got vaccinated

Today as I write this, there is a headline that Trump was booed by his constituents for supporting vaccination. He told them to shut up. He did a terrible job of advocating for vaccines while he was still fighting to keep his throne, but at least he’s standing up to those ridiculous people now. And if you’re one of those ridiculous people, feel free to write your own blog about it. It’s much more creative than trolling or attacking.

He doubled the standard deduction

For too long, taxpayers were seeing less and less of their paycheck. This was because slow burn inflation had gradually made the standard deduction a much smaller portion of a person’s paycheck.

Trump isn’t known for his scruples when it comes to taxes, but he did right by the taxpayers. 

He lowered taxes for individuals and small businesses, not just corporations

Donal Trump’s tax reform was credited with the unprecedented rise in the stock market leading up to Coronavirus. Financial analysts called it a “sugar high” but the market hasn’t had any massive corrections since March 13, 2020.

He inadvertently fixed Obamacare while trying to dismantle it

Trump wanted to dismantle Obamacare.He thought that if he pulled federal funding, the exchanges would collapse, and health insurance would go back to being only for the wealthy or well-to-do. That’s not what happened.  The exchanges came up with metallic tiers of coverage so that even the poorest citizens could get healthcare on the Bronze plan with subsidies for their premiums. It still doesn’t work for people who don’t earn enough to get a subsidy – but it works better after Trump’s attempted sabotage.

He went after money launderers and shell companies

Trump enacted a new law requiring millions of business entities to reveal who owned them. This dismantled the anonymity that shell companies offer money launderers and tax evaders. It made it easier for the justice department to follow the money trail and convict the guilty. Ironic, given his tax record, but enough said.

He short-circuited robocallers

This alone earns him respect in my book. I can’t stand robocalls even more than I can’t stand him.  They still try, but now they can go to jail. GOOD.

He revived anti-trust laws

Facebook and Google are the subject of lawsuits focused on busting monopolies on information. The Trump administration filed the suits, which are still in the courts. Even the furthest lefties have to be on board for that one.

He gave billions of dollars to farmers

Every presidency engages in farm subsidies, but the fact that Trump continued the tradition, despite his “anti-socialist” support base, speaks well for him. I like my California avocados, thank you very much.

He’s a MacLeod of Lewis

Donald Trump’s mother, Mary MacLeod, came from the same island as my ancestors . I suppose that’s why I went to all the trouble to sing the paltry praise of my distant cousin. I can’t undo the climactic abominations, and chauvinism, but I can at least acknowledge he comes from an interesting family.

He stood aside and let cannabis legalize

Eighteen states legalized cannabis under Trump’s watch. Although his official policy was opposed to legalizing cannabis, it still happened. I don’t know if it’s because he was too busy destroying the earth for future generations, or if it was intentional on his part. Either way, it was a positive outcome. I only have the occasional balm or edible, but If I smoked weed, I’d be happy to smoke with him as thanks. We’re related, after all.

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