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What Lurks in the Library

A short horror story about bullying and its underlying causes Julius Highbaugh loved books more than anything. He read a book every couple of days and listened to audiobooks when he walked to and from Midvale Junior High. School was a mixed bag. He liked math, science, English – all the classes except Gym. He […]

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“5150” Book Group Discussion Questions

What was your favorite part of 5150? Your least favorite? The author intended to reduce stigma around mental illness by putting a reader inside the mind of a psychotic. Do you think they reduced stigma? Why or why not? Although 5150 is set in the past, in a pre-internet world, do you still feel it […]

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DEL *.* – Clearing the Mind – a New Mantra

Looking for a quick trick for clearing the mind? In olden times, when we had to navigate our computer using text commands, there was one DOS command that always scared me: ‘del *.*’, a command that wipes out all the files in a given directory and all its subdirectories. If you did it at the […]

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