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A short list of good things about Donald Trump

Today I read that Trump told his supporters to pipe down when they booed him on national television. He advocated that everyone should get the booster shot. Huh.  No one is all bad. As much as I couldn’t bear to listen to Trump, he did a few things during his presidency that were positive from […]

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Reader, Interrupted

What I Did For My Summer Vacation Most young adults in my circle spent the summer after freshman year doing interesting things. Some went to live on a winery in Italy; some worked on a kibbutz. I had a full-blown psychotic break and spent the whole summer in the mental hospital. It was only slightly […]

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What I Have Learned About My Books

Readership vs. Mission I wrote 5150 and the other books in the Psychotic Break Series to make known what was unknowable. I wanted to take the reader through the mind of a new adult whose fragile mind shattered and rebuilt itself several times. My mission was a success. What I hadn’t considered was the readership […]

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